Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing with the... ?

I watched, "Dancing with the Stars" last night and for the life of me could not find one star in the lot.  Where was Benji, Lassie, Morris the cat, or Rin Tin Tin? I think the producers are missing a golden opportunity here to include some of our most beloved animal actors. Instead, they continue to dip into the endless boredom of, "B" and "C" list has beens! Who would not love to see Abraham the goldfish from, "Different Strokes" in competition with Willie the Orca from, "Free Willie"? Or how about Tiger from, "Brady Bunch" up against Mr. Ed?  I'd bet that Air Bud vs Clinton presidential cat - Socks would have them stacked three deep in the aisles! Any animal pairing would be better than the two bit hacks and former reali-crap stars on they have on currently! Giles Marini - really? What is his claim to fame? One shower scene in the, "Sex in the City" movie and he's a star?!! Back in the day, we called that, " background"! I'm totally disgusted! Gone are the days of pure unadulterated animal enjoyment. There was a time, not too long ago, where one could find all manners of  magical animal acts on network television. Variety shows of yesteryear were laden with a plethora of highbrow acts - cheeky Cockatoos, dancing poodles and bears, and trained pigeons flying in formation. My God it was beautiful! Now - nothing! I blame Letterman! It was he who cheapened the whole genre with his oh so clever - "Stupid Pet Tricks". That man should be banned from television or sent back to do the weather reports like when he started! As for me -I'm done! From now on its only Fox news and Animal Planet! You guys can have the rest. Where is, "When Animals Attack" when the world needs it?