Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok, I'm back...

After an extended leave of absence - I am  back. The family was hanging around while the kids had spring break so I was off my game. It was kind of nice to have the family around for a change - lots more food hits the ground when they are around. I must have gained an extra 10 lbs the past week! Nothing new in the ways of job search for me or the owner. He is contemplating going back to school in the fall to finally finish his bachelors degree. He has chosen to pursue Physical Therapy since it is said that the medical field will be a safe choice for professionals for some time. I'm sticking to the security game - still waiting for the old guy down the street to call me in for an interview. I think he is upset with my submission because he looks skeptically at the house whenever he passes by these days. The owner was taken aback the other day when the old guy asked him what he was trying to pull. The owner did not know of my job search - thinking that I was happy to continue on. He and the old man had a few words and I heard the owner tell the old guy he was losing his mind or something of the sort. Anyway, I guess I'll have to try sending out more resumes. 

The family had a family game night over the weekend and invited a few families to participate. Of course they lost as usual -sad losers that they are, and presented the winning family with a trophy that they had whipped up for the occasion. Dinner was a combination of lasagna and spaghetti. The spaghetti was intended for the vegetarians who were invited since the lasagna was of the meat variety and a bit of nervousness was experienced when most attendees filled their plates with the spaghetti option. Not to worry though since more pasta and sauce was on hand to make and thus avoid any embarrassment. A fun time was had by all with drinks, games, and general revelry. The family enjoys entertaining even though they should probably avoid such things while the male owner is between jobs. I was outside for most of the night patrolling the grounds making it safe from Burbank roof rats and other such vermin who were determined to spoil the occasion. There were a few occasions where a child would open the door allowing me to run freely into the house and claim whatever food was dropped on the floor . Oh, it was glorious! I filled my gullet with all manner of garlic bread and pasta products dropped mainly at the smaller table that was made up of the younger human types. I also got the lion share of head pats and body rubs that reminded me of my youth. The family is not as enthusiastic in public displays of affection as when I was a pup so I'll take what I can get these days. Of course every time the owner saw me in the house he would corral me back outside  saying that my bushy fur was getting all over people but I don't believe it was as bad as he stated. 

Well things are back to normal in the backyard now that everyone is back on their normal schedules. I've been trying to chase the birds that are building a house on the back porch but they are tormenting me since they know that I can't reach their height. I tried to throw my ball up at them but my side to side head toss technique does not allow for throws higher than a few feet and  thenI get more ribbing from the birds for the failed attacks. I guess I'll try to ignore them and sleep in the sun for awhile. Have a good day all!