Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Injustice.. Inschmustice

Injustice Post #2

Oh, the injustice of this, or the injustice of that! Phooey, I like injustice! Being from the me generation, I've been conditioned to think in terms of what is in MY best interests - not others! Who cares as long as I'm getting what I want - right? Besides, without injustice, how would any of us know when were are extracting revenge on our enemies? No, I say let it ride. Also, don't forget that without injustice we'd all be walking around in Shangri-la without even knowing it. One can't truly appreciate the good times when its the only thing he or she has ever known. They'll take it for granted because they have no frame of reference. So go on out and do something nasty to someone you love and when they ask you why you did it - say it was to help them appreciate the good times. Good luck!