Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's have some joy here people!

This morning on my daily walk with the big moron I spotted pure joy. It's not everyday one witnesses this type of enjoyment - especially in the morning during rush hour but it sure is refreshing. Anyway, as me and my walking food delivery system were going about our morning ritual we stopped at a crosswalk to wait for the light to change.

 At the same time, a car pulled up to the crosswalk with a heavyset young man - mid twenties with slick black hair. This young man was not alone for he was traveling with the whole cast of, "Mamma Mia"  or at least it sounded that way with the music blasting full tilt out his open windows. I don't believe he noticed any of us on the street or in the other cars waiting at the intersection because he was too busy enjoying himself. There was seat dancing, head flops from side to side, and hand and arm gestures out the open driver side window to accentuate his favorite moments of the song. I even thought I caught a glimpse of the white man's overbite but with my old eyesight - I'm not entirely sure.

The whole scene only lasted a few moments for the light changed and the man drove off into the morning  sunshine - joyously continuing his car dance along Magnolia Boulevard. Once the initial shock wore off and my mind was able to process what I had just seen - I smiled and thought how rare it is to see someone enjoying themselves out in public like that. Unfortunately my good feelings didn't last long. The big idiot brought me back to his reality by mumbling, "what a freak"  while shaking his head and pulling my leash to continue our walk. That is the difference right there! At that moment I would have much rather been driving down the street singing at the top of my lungs with Mamma Mia boy than to be doing the slow death march home with - the walking dark cloud. 

Anyway, it's Friday - the best day of the work week. Try to find some joy today - sing loudly, dance wildly, act silly - anything to get you and the people around you to enjoy the moment. Happiness is never overrated. Have a great day folks - I'm going to my dog hole to listen to Mamma Mia on my iPod!