Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sorry for the long silence. This post is for anyone wondering why the posts suddenly dried up a few years ago, I'm sad to report that our beloved Haley passed on shortly after the last blog post.  I just didn't have the heart to continue writing without her around and I apologize to those who may have looked forward to her stories.  I just thought it was time to offer an explanation.  Perhaps some day the abomination of a Shih Tzu may pick up the dog blog writing...

RIP Haley

The Big Doofus Owner

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Squirrel Tales

"I shink itsh maybe a shircush" the little abomination of a Shih Tzu stated balancing himself on top of my back while trying to get a better view through the knothole in the fence. What?! I can't smell any animals out there you twit. Besides, what kind of circus has performers wearing orange jumpsuits and hard hats? My patience was really growing thin with the little Alpo remnant stain until he hopped down to track a bug that had caught his attention. Rolling my eyes, I walked off leaving Captain ADD to his idiocy while trying to find out what the hell was going on. I walked around to the other side of the yard to see if the view was any better at the other gate. It wasn't.

The  infernal banging and clanking accompanied by that malodorous stank had been going on for the past two days! The only  thing I knew is that it must be something official because the village idiot owner of had been complaining nonstop about not being able to park his contraption I like to call, " the idiotmobile" in front of the family compound. Anyway, all the family vehicles were now continuously parked in the driveway - blocking my view, thus making me employ the abomination as my minion. Since he proved himself to be of  lower intelligence than that damn bug he'd been chasing - I was forced to look elsewhere. Which brings me to Seymour Squirrel who was perched on top of the house watching everything - no doubt with a clear view.

"Hey Seymour" I called up. What do you want you...f#$*+n dog? He snarled, glaring straight ahead. "What's going on out there? I need to know." Oh, you need to know?... You need to know?... To know?!! Is that sorta like how I always try to use the yard and you chase me - need to know? Or is it like how you ripped off and ate Shirley's (girlfriend) tail - need to know?! " Don't you dare tell that damn dog anything! Shirley piped in from somewhere on the other side of the chimney. She uses it for balance these days. I scratched at the ground. "Yeah, about that, Shirley - you know I just can't let any old vermi... em -  animal onto the grounds... you know I could lose my job". I waited for a response but all I got was silence. I went on, "And as for the tail.... you know that was just an accident."  ACCIDENT?.... ACCIDENT!!!! Shirley shrieked. You swallowed the whole damn thing in one gulp! How the hell was that an accident?! I could hear a scuffling up on the roof and what sounded like Seymour holding her back. After a few moments Seymour poked his head over the roofline and calmly said that if I was curious about what was going on out there, I should just try to imagine what dog heaven was like... then multiply that by ten. That was what was going on out there. And if I wanted to know more, I should produce another squirrel tail to give to Shirley.

So here I am in my dog hole again, ground shaking, large vehicles rolling back and forth in front of the house, and that damn smell that just won't stop. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it won't get this dog! I'll find a way! All I need to do is catch another squirrel and take it's tail then I'm in baby! But where to find one? I was actually pretty lucky with Shirley in that she was too close to the fountain to hear me coming. I could always take the abomination's tail and spray it gray? But that would probably bring too much heat from that moronic owner so I should probably hold on to that idea as a last resort. Oh, and if any of you out there were wondering about Shirley's tail... it wasn't an accident! Wish me luck and have a great day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raise the Alarm... Intruder Alert!

Once again I've caught that no-good, orange jumpsuit wearing, peeping tom looking over the wall of the compound! Every month around the same time this interloper comes to the back perimeter of our property and peers over the fence to ogle the grey box on the back of the house with his little perverted eyes! The grey box? What the hell is that all  bout? I would at least understand if he was there to look at the human woman because she is quite the dish - but the box? Really?!

What kind of sick world are we turning into here where this kind of stuff is allowed to happen? I tell you I'm having no more of it. I sprung right to action - sounding the alarm and working myself up into a lather! I put on a display of showmanship that surely would have impressed those on the professional wrestling circuit. The only thing I could have done better was perhaps thrown a chair at the wall while he was enjoying his view. And he must have been because he was drawing or writing notes about his experience - sicko!

My commotion got the Little abomination of a Shih Tzu all worked up too because he came running outside through the dog door yelling, "bring it on, bring it on, bring it on!" For all his faults - that little piece of garbage displays some heart sometimes. That is until he realized what was going on. Once he saw the ruckus was on account of a human looking over the wall, he ran up to the fence and asked the intruder if he was here to play - wagging his little tail and spinning in circles. We'll need to work on intruder identification and focus.

Well, the pervert is gone now so I'm off to my dog hole to sleep off all this excitement. I'm getting too old for this type of nonsense. That abomination better catch on soon or I'll be forced to issue him a pink slip. Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Own March Madness...

So it is spring here in Burbank, CA and true to form - it's been raining almost nonstop for the past week! This has resulted in a MAJOR increase in my doofus owner exposure and hope that stupidity is not contagious. Needless to say I'm completely disgusted with the situation. If not for my extreme dislike for all things water - I would be spending all my days and nights outside in my dog hole.

So while inside, I've been subjected to all the damn infernal talk of basketball, brackets, and upsets. The lazy lump of an owner has once again become one with his sofa and spends just about all of his time flipping from one channel to another - touching the remote with greasy chip fingers while surrounded by empty cheap beer can minions.

And wouldn't you just know that that little abomination of a Shih Tzu would be right there with him wearing his stupid little shirt that says, "Property of the Blue Devils" That little twit keeps chanting "Marsh Madness, Marsh Madness, Marsh Madness" all damn day long. I got so tired that I picked him up by his little blue shirt and dropped him in the toilet. You would think he would get the hint, but no, he thought it was great - giggling and screaming, "give me a schwirly, give me a schwirly, give me a schwirly!" What a damn fool!

All I can say is that somebody better turn off the rain soon so I can get the hell out other wise my March Madness will become permanent. I'm thinking that I'll go eat the remote so the fool owner has something to be upset about as well. I don't care - it probably tastes like potato chips anyway. OK, I'm off for a snack. Try to have a great day folks!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radiation Reaches California?

"I don't want to wear the shuit, I don't want to wear the shuit, I DON"T WANT TO WEAR THE SHUIT!" the little abomination of a shih-tzu stomped as I placed the yellow fabric hood lined with aluminum foil over his head. "Listen to me - there is radiation everywhere and if we are to be the ones to make it through this and make our own dog planet - we all have to put on our radiation suits!" Unfortunately the fool wouldn't listen to me and ran off back into the house to be with the idiot owner and the rest of the family. "Fine, see how well they take care of you... when you're in their food bowls!" I screamed as he raced off.

All morning long, the long line of neighborhood dogs has been coming and going from the compound - showing up to get the life saving radiation suits I've been making in my dog hole ever since I first heard about the problems in Japan. You see, I'm not so naive to miss the writing on the wall. I know that when the radioactive clouds start spreading out over your major cities, we dogs will be the ones who will suffer most being that we are the ones always outside in the elements. And I also realize that even if we make it though the ordeal - we will no doubt become a form of food source for you lousy humans since that is how you roll. It should be no surprise then to learn that the revolution is starting. Innocently enough by a dog making radiation suits out of the old yellow tarps and aluminum foil and passing them out my canine brothers and sisters.

The way I figure, once humans have extinguished their ability to sustain themselves, we dogs will rise up and take what is rightfully ours - opposable thumbs be damned! Our first act will be to bury your Statue of Liberty chest high for dramatic effect - then set up our empire! My God, it will be beautiful! OK, enough of this foolish writing, I have suits to make. Enjoy the weekend folks. Oh, you may want to polish up your, "Damn you... damn you all to hell!" speech since it is only a matter of time now!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day... O Joy!

2011 Humor Bloggers St. Patrick's Day Humor Carnival -

"Póg mo thóin!" Darby O'Houlihan barked as he walked down our street with his owner Shamus. "It's St. Patty's Day and I'll do whatever I damn well want!" he bellowed. "And what I want is some damn respect because I'm Irish!" And so it went as he and his owner strolled, "Shamrock Rovers Forever!", "Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat" and "Tabhair póg dom, táim Éireannach". I tell you, the way that Irish Wolf Hound carries on really makes me despise St. Patrick's Day! I'm part German Sheppard and as proud of my heritage as the next dog but you don't hear me screaming around like a fool during Oktoberfest!

The worst part is yet to come when they both puts on their kilts and start playing Shamus' bagpipes in the backyard for the neighbor's amusement. No doubt my fat village idiot owner will be outside listening with his pint of green beer. Then that damn Darby will howl like a banshee making the rest of us dogs on the block stick our heads in the ground so as to avoid the screeching.

Oh, and how the little abomination of a Shih Tzu falls right in line! He's been wearing a little green washcloth fashioned around his neck like an ascot - courtesy of the big doofus owner. In addition, all morning he's been walking around saying, "kish me, kish me, kish me - I'm Irish" To which my reply has been, "You're Asian you little freaking moron!" I guess I was expected to be involved too since the Rotund Leprechaun owner tried to put some green cloth on me as well. That was until I issued a warning growl effectively making him back off.
So that's it.

I guess the only thing left to do is to go to my dog hole and wait for the day to be over. And if that little abomination tries to pinch me - so help me God I'm gonna... Oh well, try to enjoy the day folks!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Great Escape...

"Keep digging you little twit!" I yelled at that little abomination of a Shih Tzu while pushing him forward. "You're smashing me.. and I'm tired!" "You don't have time to be tired!" I exclaimed wiping the dirt from my forhead, "Besides, don't you want to see all those bouncy balls of the other side?" I added. "Yesh, yesh, yesh" he exclaimed. His eyes glaze over and full bore digging commenced again. We were close to breaking ground on the other side when I heard the creaking of the screen door opening. No doubt my, "Master" was coming outside -scanning the yard for us. "Faster... it's the big moron" I pleaded. "Dosh he want to play?" the little dirt caked tail in front of my face started to wag excitedly. "Move you idiot - he wants to get us with the newspaper!" I screamed while pushing forward harder. "But I didn't go in the housh" was all I heard before the big brute yanked my collar effectively pulling me back into the daylight. The sun stung my eyes and it took a few seconds for my vision to adjust. I saw the fat fool reaching into the hole to extract the lump of brown dirt with eyes...

Now I sit dejected again in my dog hole - plans of freedom again squashed. The abomination is inside getting washed because his white hair doesn't release soil so easily like my fur. It's the only pleasure I can find out of this whole situation. That little fink better not rat me out! Sure it was my idea, but he went along with the plan willingly once he heard about the Shangri -La on the other side of the wall complete with thousands of rubber balls that bounce themselves and streets made of beef jerky. Oh, he was excited to go alright but now he's probably in there singing away - the lousy little stool pigeon! And the big idiot owner will probably believe him too! Oh well., it's off to plan B - dogapult. I have a small version worked up to test on the abomination once he comes back out. If it works out - I'll make the larger version to launch myself to freedom. Wish me luck!