Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's magical stuff seeing the big idiot suffer the consequences of his new little abomination. He asked for it - he got it and I'm loving it! I get to see that little scowl come across his face whenever the little guy poops on the floor , or better yet, grabs the moron by the toe with razor sharp puppy teeth. I'm sure the owner must really be  appreciating me right around now. I especially love it when the pup makes a jail break when someone opens the front door - causing absolute pandemonium to break out as all the family members drop what they're doing to run after him. He then runs a serpentine course around the front yard in order to avoid all the pursuers - it's gold I tell ya - pure gold!

Ok, I'm going out back to bask in the glory of the pleasant outdoors knowing that somewhere inside the little guy is probably chewing on the door casing or baseboard molding. Once the big goofball sees that - surely that little twitch we all love so much will return to his eye  once again. You just have to love people who live to punish themselves... absolute pure gold!