Thursday, October 1, 2009

Having that kind of day? ... Try having that kind of life!

One thing after another around here lately. If it isn't work problems, sick people, sick pets, car accidents or vehicles being broken into - it's just general bad luck all around! I'm beginning to wondering... when the hell is this patch going to end and what is going on?! We never used to get bombarded all at once with problems but all of a sudden all hell has broken loose. I guess it's just our turn. Anyone else out these being put through the ringer? I guess we still have our laughter... or is that just inside my own head. Oh, great, now I'm going insane to boot! 

I guess the real problem is that I've been blessed with just enough intelligence to recognize that things are complete crap but not enough brain to figure out how to get out of this funk. Either I need to add some smarts real quick or resort to whacking myself upside of the head with a ball pein hammer so as to achieve the, "ignorance is bliss" lifestyle my moron owner enjoys. Oh well - I guess I'm off to find that hammer - have a great day folks!