Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend Warrior...

I've been thinking about maybe joining the California National Guard as a guard dog.  Of course at ten years of age - I may not be what they are looking for. Then again, recruitment may be down during this time of war so they may take me after all. I'm free of fleas and the hot spot is being taken care of - lamp shade should be off in a few days so maybe I'll stop by the recruitment station to chew the fat and see what the deal is. 

Maybe they have tuition reimbursement? Then I could train to be an orthodontist or something and prepare myself for a life after security? That would then give me the means to venture out and get my own place away from the idiot owner and his family here at Doofus and Co. Boy, that sure would be great! The only hitch that I can see is that the life expectancy of the average German Shepherd is only about thirteen years - being ten years doesn't give me very much time. I guess I'll have to give this some more thought over the weekend. Enjoy folks!