Saturday, April 25, 2009

Protesting change for change's sake!

I'm tired of constantly being disrespected. Last night I walked into the living room to hang with the family - who were relaxing and having a conversation about the kids or something. I decided to engage in what I call, "Happy Bone Time" where I take my bone and throw it up in the air and it lands on the hardwood floor. It is great fun and makes for much merriment! Usually the humans make comments on how cute I am and then give me vigorous rubs and loving attention. Shockingly - this time they just ignored me. Disappointed, I figured that they just might not have heard me so I decided to throw my bone higher and with more vigor. Unfortunately, the only response I received was from the big nincompoop who took my bone and placed it on the throw rug in the next room over. He then led me outside and patted me on the head as he sent me on my way. WHAT THE *#_@?! That's not the deal that was agreed upon. These people just can't take our normal routines and change them on a whim. There are certain expectations that need to be met! 
Devastated and embarrassed, their actions led me to do something that I've never done before - I refused to go on patrol last night in retaliation and protest. I'm sure all manner of vermin were walking thru the yard last night. Hopefully those lousy street possums were eating the female human's flowers! I may just keep this up until things start to change around here and I start receiving the attention and respect that I truly deserve. So far the owners are hanging tough - no noticeable reactions. In fact, they are continuing their normal routines as if nothing has happened. They also continue to give me pats and ear rubs. This would normally go over well with me but considering the circumstances... Anyway, I'm no fool - it will take more than these halfhearted interactions to make up for their recent inconsideration and disrespect. And where is my apology? Oh we'll see who can take this the longest. I'll keep you updated.