Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where is the Injustice? Everywhere!

A site I contribute to  - Humorbloggers.com - is dedicating the month of November to fighting injustice. As a contributing writer, I'm supposed to craft stories that identify and/or inspire people to stand against injustice. Unfortunately, I don't believe any of this will do any good. Ooooh! What? Shock! Horror! No, I'm sorry to tell you...  if you're upset because you've been feeling injustice everywhere you go. You better just get used to it because it's here to stay. How do I know? Because it's part of your human condition. As long as this planet is ruled by humans - injustice will be the name of the game. Humans by nature are always looking to achieve some form of elevated status over one another so your history books are filled with stories of exploitation, murder, harassment, and other corrupt behavior. I'm just surprised that anyone even complains anymore.  

Oh, and I know your argument - But Haley, aren't there plenty of good people out there as well? Don't they all cancel each other out? Yes, there are plenty of good people out there, but the corrupt are better power mongers - it's what they do! It's no surprise then when we find out that the rotten ones own more of society than the righteous. So what is the solution? I say let us dogs take over - opposable thumbs be damned. Then you'll see a just society.

With dogs in charge - people would get along because we would be treating each other fairly as pack members of equal standing. The only extra consideration anyone would get would be based on job descriptions such as hunters receiving an extra food portion at mealtime. A-ha! You say. Ok - maybe a slight injustice if one looks at this as an outsider but don't forget that our hunters expend more energy traveling miles tracking prey. They need a little extra. Anyway, outside of those types of instances - everyone would basically be treated the same - that is unless they became too old for any usefulness. Then we'll force you from the pack so you can go off and die. Harsh? Maybe, but I challenge anyone out there to search our dog history and find one instance of genocide. Can you humans boast the same? Thought not. Ok, have a good day folks. We'll be waiting for your answer.