Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can you dig it!

It's getting warmer here in Burbank - warm enough to justify digging. What I mean by that is that as the temperature goes up - there is an equal and opposite reaction from us dogs to dig deeper into the soil to escape the stifling heat. I have the perfect spot behind the hibiscus bush that I've been working on the last few weeks. It is almost deep enough to hide me as I lie in it. It also adds entertainment when the moron owner comes out looking for me and thinks that I've escaped. I watch him walk from one gate to the next looking to see if any are open. All the while he is calling out my name like the town crier -  what an absolute fool! Sometimes I'm ashamed to even be seen with him. He thinks that my persistent pulling while we take walks is because I want to check out animals, trees, and such but the real reason is that I don't want to be seen with him. I'm hoping that people just think that we are just walking in the same direction or something. Don't think me harsh - you have to see this guy to understand.  Image a big dopey guy who dresses like a european tourist - complete with black socks and sandals. I know the guy all my life and still laugh every morning when he emerges from the bedroom. Just can't imagine what the female sees in that simpleton. Oh well - I'm off to the dig. Maybe I'll find a bone, old shoe, Jimmy Hoffa, or something else interesting. Have a happy day people!