Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way to ruin the moment - idiot!

Wow, the owner almost blew my mind this morning! I was outside with him on morning patrol when he picked up a ball and threw it somewhere behind my back. When I turned to see where the ball had went, it was magically gone. Then when I turned back around, the owner was standing there with a big grin on his face holding the same ball! I was amazed. "No way!" I thought but then he did it again.... and again ... and again. I was mesmerized by this display of showmanship and found myself turning round and round trying to figure out how he did it. Of course like always, he had to go and ruin everything by opening his big, fat, disrespectful mouth. Just as I was beginning to think that he might not be that bad after all, he says, "Stupid dog" and walks back into the house. No wonder I cant stand the guy. What kind of abuser do I work for here? He takes a wondrous moment for me and ruins it by questioning my intelligence. Unfortunately for me, I just can't get over this. HOW DID HE DO IT?! I've decided to set up a camera to get to the bottom of this. I can run some wires and a monitor  from the garage to my dirt hole and set up the camera on the patio. When he comes out later, I'll carry the ball over and he will no doubt do his little trick again. Then I'll know how he does it and throw it back in his face. We'll see who the stupid one is then. Ok, I'm off to set up. Have a good day all!