Friday, October 2, 2009

I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen...

Not sure why I even bother since nobody ever listens to me. Maybe, if the idiot owner ever investigated when I was barking - he might find out something interesting. Like... I don't know - there's someone rifling through your car in the driveway and is about to make off with that GPS navigator system you like so much. But I guess some people always need to learn the hard way. 

This of course is nothing new - we've been down this road before. He gets his stuff taken and then he gets mad saying I should have informed him. Informed him?! I was barking like a moron for a whole ten minutes outside. And what was his response? He yelled from the sofa that I should quiet down. What the hell did he think I was doing? I guess I was supposed to walk into the house and tap him on the shoulder saying, "Excuse me Mr Owner sir but you better move quickly because there is someone pilfering your possessions in the driveway." Or maybe I was just supposed to rig up some elaborate system of search lights and sirens like they have at prisons? 

It's not like he would have done anything anyway. I seriously doubt he was going to run outside and slap an MMA style arm bar submission or guillotine choke hold on the guy. At the most -he would have just yelled at the guy to get out of his car and then called the police. 

Anyway, if there is anyone he should be upset with - it should be himself for leaving the car door unlocked. Don't blame me because you didn't think - take ownership! Oh well, I'm disgusted - but that's my lot in life. I'm spending the weekend in my dog hole. Have a good one!