Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday is party time!

Today is going to be a absolutely beautiful day here in Burbank! The weather service predicts a temperature around eighty degrees with sunshine. I've decided to enjoy the sun and warmth to the max today and have already ignored a few of the big dummy's requests to come back inside. I love it when his eye twitches as I ignore him. Anyway, it will be a magnificent time with sunning, relaxing, and rolling in the grass! This truly is the best time of year - not too hot or cold. I've set myself up in the middle of the yard complete with all the necessities: blanket, music, and an unlimited supply of cold beverages as I declare today, "SunFest 2009". Feel free to stop by and join me but please refrain from bringing any other animals (except the party variety) because I always lose control and wind up as, "Persona non grata" at my own parties. Don't worry about the block-head inside, just come in through the gate on the side of the house.  Of course if he does see you - I don't know about any of this. Enjoy the start of the weekend!