Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get the hell out of here!

Here in Burbank they have one weekend a year where residents can stage a yard sale without the need of a permit and this is that weekend. Being that my owner is his usual slow to the take self - we scrambled to have ours today. Now they are all outside with their junk hoping to unload as much as they can. Of course all the real action was yesterday so it appears they are a day late and buck short once again.

I've been outside most of the morning watching to make sure whoever shows up does not venture into the off-limits backyard to do some unauthorized shopping. Anyway, we always hate having these things because it brings out the absolute worst in people. If they aren't trying to get you to come down on that old $50 lamp priced at 25 cents - they are stealing as much as they can every time you turn your back! They will even ask if you have any bags for them so they can steal even more by hiding things in the bottom of the bag!

Amazingly I can give the idiot owner  some credit for having the ability to tell these people off . He'll only take so much before telling them to drop what they have in their hands and get the hell out of here. Wow, he could probably do my job when he acts like that but reality quickly comes back because he'll do something stupid like make a mistake counting change or some other form of idiocy. 

Ok, I better get back to surveillance - because they may be making off with the patio furniture and grill by now. Have a great Sunday folks!