Friday, July 3, 2009

Big blow up - July 2009

I can feel it coming on. The first booms occurred last night off in the distance and if memory serves me correctly - I have until tomorrow evening to find a suitable hiding spot. I'll just say it - I can't stand fireworks! Have absolutely no use for them. They hurt my sensitive ears and I'm pretty sure the other dogs on the street are with me on this as well.

At least its not as bad here in Burbank as it was in Florida where every year the neighbors practically blew up the whole street. They would get unlimited supplies at all the tent stands that were set up every block or so. One would then witness an unending procession of people buying fireworks around the clock. I'm guessing that if you combined all the explosive power of all the fireworks sold in the Ft Myers/Cape Coral area around this time of year - it would equal that of a small nuclear device. The only thing that saves the cities is that people don't fire everything off all at once. Instead, they stretch the holiday from one into seven or more days.

Boy, I sure did suffer back there. There were times when I didn't even want to go outside - not even to use the bathroom. Of course that great friend of scared dogs - idiotic owner of mine - would force me outside against my will just because he was afraid I would let loose on the carpets - big moron! Oh well, it didn't last long because as soon as I would hear the first booms - I would run gangbusters into the door trying to get back inside. Once back, I would then spend the rest of the evening in the same place I used for lightning storms - under the owner's bed.

I can feel it coming on - that booming is already rattling inside my brain. I've been sizing up how much room there is under there and making escape plans. I'm hoping the goofball will come to his senses this year and finally call the vet to get me some pills or something. Unfortunately  he's a cheap wad so I'm not holding out much hope. Maybe I'll hit up the living room bar later on to see what kinds of liquors are on the menu - that might calm me down. Have a happy holiday folks!