Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is this preserve?

I've just heard about a place where humans and animals mingle without fences leashes, or cages. It all sounds wonderful but does a place like this truly exist? I have my doubts - mainly because I've seen the way humans treat animals on my street everyday. For example, "Kraken" - the Beligian Malinois dog on my street is forced to go along with his owner everyday to work. He never gets a day to just rest in the backyard like the rest of us. I see them both drive off every morning in their black and white car for God only knows where and then come home in the later evening hours. It's funny, his owner must really like routine for he wears the same dark blue shirt and pants everyday.

Anyway - back to this so called preserve - Hans the wiener dog from down the street filled me in on. He said his owner took him to see this place but unfortunately he was kept inside his leather dog carrier the whole time they were there. He did see a good amount through his viewing screen -  "Zu vould nut believe vats goings on in zer!" Hans said to me quickly because he knew his owner would only allow a small amount of time for him to smell up our gate. "Ze humans und ze animals vere valking urund togesser mit no leash und fence ur cages!" Unfortunately that was about all Hans was able to get out before his owner picked him up and whisked him away for home. I did hear one more thing but I think it was only, "auf Wiedersehen hund" All this sounds very intriguing so I'm going to have to investigate this further on the internet. I sure hope this is true and they accept dogs because I'm out of here if that is the case! If anyone knows anything more about this, I'd sure like to hear more.