Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rained out...

Today's posting from, "Talk of the Dog" has been cancelled due to rain in the Los Angeles area. 
If a regulation story is not posted (cancelled Post) and is rescheduled to be posted either on a date for which no other postings were previously  scheduled or as part of a split double header (i.e two stories posted on the same day, but each of which requires an individual ticket), your ticket may be used for admittance to such rescheduled posting.

If a cancelled posting is not rescheduled, you may exchange your ticket at Talk of the Dog, at any time after the date of the cancelled post, for an individual ticket of equal or lesser value for a future regular season posting (subject to prior sales and ticket availability).

In no instance shall a ticket be exchangeable for a ticket with a face value  greater than the face value of this ticket. No cash refund or credit will be issued and this ticket may not be applied to any account balance.

This policy may be amended at anytime without notice. 

Note: To anyone wondering - Yes, our policy is a blatant rip-off of the Los Angeles Dodgers rain out policy. Thanks to the Los Angeles Dodgers and good luck against the Phillies - GO BLUE!