Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let's talk about beer...

Considering myself one of the great booze hounds of the world - I offer my loving ode to iced cold beer. One of my particular favorites is from the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado called Fat Tire Amber Ale. The brewery's owner developed this Belgian style beer during his bike trip around Europe as he investigated the beer making process. This trip produced the name of what would become the flagship beer of the brewery - Fat Tire. Thank God for that odyssey because the resulting beer is absolutely astounding. Rich in both color and taste, once consumed - one will never look at the lighter American pilsners in the same way again - and I love pilsners. I learned of Fat Tire from my big idiot owner a few years ago when he brought a six pack home for his own personal enjoyment. It was probably one of the best things the Neandertal has ever done. I write this tonight from the back patio lounge - tipping back a few Fat Tires and listening to old Bon Jovi cds. Why? Because I can - that's why! Besides -it makes me happy so back off. 
So what kinds of beer do you guys live for and what is your preferred way of enjoying it?