Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fanatic or Desperate?

Wow, some people must really love baseball! A female fan in Philadelphia was recently arrested for offering sex in exchange for a World Series ticket. The female fan foolishly posted her barter request on Craig's list which was spotted by the police, who set up a meeting leading to her arrest. If all this wasn't shocking enough, the woman turned out to be married. Maybe she was trying to get her husband a ticket? Anyway, before we go and pass judgement on this woman - we should see if there are any reasonable explanations. Maybe it was justified?

For one, maybe this woman found out she only had one week to live and desperately needed to see her beloved Phillies one last time. That might make it acceptable - no? Or maybe (this one's my favorite) she went so crazy from all the nightly solicitation phone calls from the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association that she decided the best way to remedy the situation was to procure one of the valuable World Series tickets, sell it for cash and then donate the proceeds to the police to once and for all end the barrage of calls. That might justify her actions and add a bit of irony! Now don't you feel silly knowing the made up story? 

And it's one we can all relate to in some way? Who among us hasn't taken that donation call from the local policeman's association and not worried about the consequences? One begins to wonder if his or her emergency response time directly correlates to the amount of the offering. Feeling cornered, they eventually break down and give twenty bucks in hopes that it's good enough to keep themselves in the minutes rather than hours column.

 Well, that was quite a stretch wasn't it? So, let's just cut the baloney - the simplest explanation is that this woman is just your average ordinary run of the mill tramp. So forget what I said  before and judge away my friends...  judge away!