Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I refuse to go out today!

I can feel the heat coming on already! It is supposed to be near the century mark here today in Burbank, CA. That kind of heat is stifling when you are wearing a fur coat all day. Sometimes I wish that they would just shear off all my fur but it really wouldn't be a good thing with my fair skin. I get it from my Mother - she was a pure cream colored Chow. My Dad, on the other hand, was pure German Shepherd with a dark coat. Anyway, I was out this morning and the temperature was already in the mid seventies. I did my business and came right back into the house. I'm sorry but the dirt hole will just not do today. The misfit owner will be running errands today which gives me full run of the house. I've decided to make some refreshing beverages to keep me cool. We have some vodka in the freezer so I'll start there. Stay cool!


  1. oh what i do is pull open the door to that little cold room in the kitchen and lay in front of it. it keeps me cool plus has the added advantage of readily available refreshing snaks. be sure to close the door before the human gets home, i learned that the hard way. rock on sister!

  2. Great idea - Thanks! I'm not so sure the idiot human owner would even suspect that I opened the door anyway.