Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My owner says no more Ford cars...

I believe the big dope had a bad day at the Ford dealership in North Hollywood today. He came home in a huff. I'm not sure what happened, only that he had left early this morning for a nine o'clock appointment but did not get back until five in the afternoon. Boy was he mad! He said that they originally stated that the work would be finished sometime around noon so he decided to stick around to avoid having to find a ride back to the dealership if he went home. In his mind, three hours was not too bad. Unfortunately, when he checked back at 12:30 he was told that the guy working on the car was nowhere to be found. Additionally, the service advisor admitted that the work had not even been started. This was after he was told at 10:30 am that they had started working on the car.  The problem was pretty simple  - some burnt out bulbs in the rear of the vehicle and also a warning light pertaining to the airbugs or something.
The main problem was that his 2005 Mustang convertible has been out of warranty due to time limits since August 2008. The owner was not concerned though because his car had not even come close to the 30,000 mile limit. He is currently at 13,680 miles. He says the milage is awfully low to be having  these types of minor problems. He had similar problems years before with his Honda CRV but Honda honored their warranty even though his years had expired because, like in this case, he still had low mileage on the car. The family traditionally keeps the milage low. Anyway, I'm  guessing that this type of attitude is probably why Ford is in trouble during this downturn and Honda is not. There is something to be said about customer service. The owner stated that when the dealership held fast to the three year limit  he called the national Ford customer service help line. Unfortunately, all they could do was take a report - nothing else! A customer service department that only take reports? What for?! Anyway, he wound up paying for the light bulbs because he figured common sense would eventually win out and the dealership or Ford Customer service would reimburse him. It's only good business to take care of a small bill after the customer has dropped upwards of 31,000 on a car in the last three years. Unfortunately once again - that did not turn out to be the case. 
Overall, the owner does not mind too much since he says it is his price to pay to get out of a bad relationship. He even stated that he was relieved he would never have to pay that dealership ever again. Additionally, he is not planning to buy any more Ford products as well. I wouldn't put it past him to sell the car in the near future so as to get rid of it before it costs him any more money.
 The final insult was discovered tonight when he took the older son to baseball practice and they discovered that the mechanics had reinstalled the passenger seat incorrectly. Now the seat belt receptacle will not easily receive the holding clip. The poor dolt will have to return again to the dealership so they can fix their mistake. He says he would rather bathe in hot oil. 
Oh well, I hung out and slept most of the day. No intruders except for the little guy with blue shorts and leather pouch who stuffs papers thru the mail slot. Man I hate that guy!!! I'm going to go now and have a few biscuits that the owner placed in my bowl. Hey, maybe he isn't that mad after all. Good night!

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