Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woke up on the wrong side of the rug.

I'm not in a good mood this morning. No particular reason other than just being edgy. Nobody better mess with me today because they may become the unhappy recipients of a warning snarl. It's surprising I'm this grouchy because I've already had two drinks of water. I'm usually ill tempered until I've at least had my first drink of water but I guess we can throw all the rules out this morning.
 This black mood of mine is probably the result of the block headed owner again- big surprise there huh? Can you believe that imbecile came home last night from running errands and had the smell of another dog on him. Not just any dog but a Basset hound! Those squat little varmints are teaming with germs. I'm still stunned. What the heck was he thinking? What if it had some kind of disease like kennel cough, heartworm, or even rabies? He'd bring it home and give it to the whole family! Part of the reason why I patrol the grounds is to prevent things like that from happening and once again the boob saunters about all willy-nilly - not a care in the world. I'm beyond rage at this moment. I'm to the point where I don't even care anymore. Why should I? He's always doing things like that:  saying hello to other animals on our walks, feeding squirrels at the park, or just petting that lousy flea bitten cat down the street. Like I can't see thru the fence! Never any thoughts about safety. I guess he'll  just keep touching that hot plate time after time until he gets burnt. Wow, ignorance must be bliss! I guess I need to focus on my stuff before I have a nervous breakdown.
Thank God there was nothing unusual to report about last night's patrol. I did see some roof rats walking across the power lines. They don't usually bother me - they keep to themselves. The ones that have been getting my goat lately are the flock of green parrots that have been perching themselves on the power lines in the backyard by the kumquat tree. They sit on those lines squawking down all manner of rude things. Luckily I can only make out about half of what they are saying because of their thick accents -they're not native to the region you know. Anyway, not only am I tired of their ruckus, but their clamoring always brings out the big nincompoop who then asks me why I'm not chasing them away. Hello - I can't fly! I'm telling you, if I had my own gas chamber  I'd use it on that fool - or myself to get away. Oh well, I'm going to try and will myself into a better mood. Some nice quiet meditation might help. Have a good day all.

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