Friday, June 5, 2009

ain't no cure for the summertime blues...

Well, here we go - the kids are home on their first day of summer break. It won't be long now before the family home starts to look like a scene from, "Lord of the Flies" once the brats break down leadership and take over. I've decide to spend my time bunkered in my dog hole to avoid dealing with the twerps - as if having the owner around wasn't bad enough to begin with! At least I'll enjoy watching the big moron's descent into madness as he vainly struggles to sustain order. The little one has already begun the process by attempting to be the first child to achieve complete corneal meltdown by means of video game LCD overload. The older one is taking a different path to elicit his Father's insanity by morphing into a creature that is part teenager and part bed. We'll be lucky if he emerges from hibernation by 2:00 pm. Yep, it sure is going to be interesting around here for the next few months.


  1. Haley,

    Are there really that many kids in your house? Do you live with a basketball team? With that many kids and you to take care of, I am not sure I understand why you don't give your owner more of a break. I'm pro-dog and all, but Haley, this guy HAS to be overwhelmed. I have two on my end (but it seems like 10). By my kid math, your family has like 20 kids to contend with. YIKES!

  2. DG - fear not - we only have two kids in our household - none pictured. I wanted to post an image that captured the excitement of summertime and found this old family reunion shot that I have always affectionately referred to as, "Lord of the Flies". The original has more kids yet but I had to crop it in order to get the most activity.

    Your right - the owner is overwhelmed but it doesn't matter if it's 1, 2, or 20 kids! :)

  3. oh i like little humans they leave food laying around!