Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm bored...

Pretty boring around here lately now that everyone is home for the summer. Now there's no time for high jinks. Fathers day went by quickly thank God! I spent the whole day hiding out in the my dog hole while they had festivities honoring the house idiot. I hope that fool didn't expect any gifts from me. After all - he's not my father - warden is more like it. Yep, a big buffoon of a warden is what I say. 

 You know, after thinking this over, I might have made the goofball something for Father's Day after all. I left it for him in the back yard but most people probably wouldn't consider it a gift. It will have to do since I don't have any human cash and never get any opportunities to go out shopping. Internet shopping is also out - especially after he sent back all the cases of Alpo I bought a few years back. He never did figure that one out.

Well, I'm off now for some cold iced tea and then a bit of rolling in the sunshine. It's a beautiful day here in Burbank now that June gloom appears to have wrapped up! It looks like morning sunshine from here on out for the rest of the Summer. Have a great day folks!

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