Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Well, I know one show I'm never planning to watch - the upcoming Octo-Mom show that supposedly is in the works. Why anyone would want to subject himself to watching a house full of screaming kids is beyond me. Those who are interested need to find a local family that has more than 2-3 kids and volunteer to baby-sit for an afternoon. I don't think they'll be too keen on the idea afterwards. We get enough of our own kids having emotional breakdowns - who wants to watch other people’s demon seed freaking out or acting unruly?

What's so special about this bitch anyway? Dogs have multiple pups in a litter all the time and what happens? They are split up and sent to different families - that's what should happen here. Afterwards Octo-nut should be fixed as an example. Otherwise we’re opening the floodgates to all the other idiots out there doing stupid things in order to become famous.

Lastly, I disagree with all the people out there who say she should take the money she receives from the show and pay back the state for all of the help she's been receiving. My thinking is that she can keep all of the money but must promise to then buy an island somewhere and fade into oblivion. No more appearances, updates, or interviews - just stay away and you can keep all the money you earn from your idiotic show.


  1. Haley, you make more astute observations than any german shepard conglomerate canine that I have ever met. Or any person for that matter.

  2. Thank you as always for your compliments! I shall try my best to keep them coming.

  3. ha! wouldnt that be great, go to the grocery store and see her standing out front next to a box with her kids in it and a sign that says 'free kids, current on all shots'

  4. That chick is a waste of time and space. When those kids are no longer profitable, she'll probably give them up for adoption.

  5. Nooter - funny thing is that she'd probably get more famous for that!
    Of course there would be jail time but...

    Free - I couldn't agree with you more. One gets the feeling that the kids are only accessories in her twisted little attempt at fame.