Friday, September 4, 2009

Just phoning it in...

Ah yes, the Friday before a holiday. Is it really that important to show up on a Friday before a holiday? What is really going on anyway? Nothing - is the answer - absolutely - unequivocally nada, zip, zero, nilch. Ironically, the hardest work is actually coming from people trying to give the impression that they are indeed working. It would be better for them just to do their regular work load rather than subject themselves to the stress of their slothful ways  but that is the nature of humanity. As for us in the animal kingdom - we just do what we do. I see a lousy squirrel and I chase the damn thing no matter who is watching. That's how we roll. Have a great day - and get something done damn it!


  1. dont understand human holidays. i like the ones like 'cleaning out the fridge' holiday and 'going to the park for longer than usual today' holiday and 'going camping' holiday

  2. I love Fridays before holidays. Everybody shows up to work, surfs the Internet for a few hours and goes home early. Good times.....

  3. Chrissy - yes, afraid so...

    Nooter - I hear ya on those!

    MikeWJ - I don't think you'll get too many arguments on that.