Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday question of the week...

I've decided to try something new on Saturdays. I'm going to present a question for discussion and if you guys like it we'll keep it going. This week's question is, "How can we make dog owners clean up after their pets?" 

I'll get the ball rolling by saying that we should punish those owners the same way some out there discipline their dogs for going on the floor - by shoving their face in it. So who is with me on this?


  1. I can't stand when people don't pick up. If we're in the park, I'll go hand them a poopy bag and say, Here you go.

    It usually embarasses them enough to do it but I can't follow everyone around!

  2. yeah,
    thats one of the issues,
    with ppl owning dogs.
    they think they also
    own the parks, roads etc.

  3. I think any owner who disciplines by shoving their dog's nose in poo should have their own nose shoved in poo.

  4. Snuggles - I'm with you - let's add them to the list as well! :)