Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cat Stevens never sang about this train...

A German man unwittingly caused commuter delays in Lauenbrueck, Germany after being forced from the train he was riding for traveling without a ticket. In retaliation for his forced exit, the man decided to moon the staff - pressing his exposed backside against the lower glass doors just as the train began pulling out of the station. Unfortunately for him, the train caught hold of his dangling trousers and pulled him over 100 yards along the platform and onto the tracks where he was once again... riding without a ticket.

Thankfully, one of the passengers looked out the window and noticed the full moon out that night. With one pull of the emergency brake, the Moon Man's second hobo adventure came to an end - along with his short reign as Emperor of the North. Luckily, Ernest Borgnine wasn't on the train (click last link) and the man was able to keep himself away from the moving wheels. Oh those crazy Germans - but this is just par for the course in David Hasselhoff's kingdom! Have a great day folks!

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