Friday, October 30, 2009

No Consistency...

Ah yes, the Halloween weekend is once again upon us. How can one not be excited at the prospects of dealing with scores of costumed beggars ringing doorbells and shrieking the same half hearted line over and over and over again? What really surprises me is how we can live in a society that is so heavily against, let's say, a dog standing by the dinner table, yet so accepting of little costumed hellions begging door to door for candy! And all done during prime time if I may add. I get chased when I disturb the idiot owner during his favorite show, but oh how cute the little ones are when they come around -snot running down their  wittle faces mumbling about twicks or tweats. Can we have some consistency here? Oh, and I ain't wearing no damn costume this year so keep the hell away from me with your devil horns, witch hats, or any other idiotic device that wraps around my head and gets stuck in my fur. One last thing, if any chocolate hits the floor - its mine - and I don't care if it is poisonous. If I'm going out - I'm going out happy! 

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