Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Van... children

Just heard that Van Morrison and his girlfriend had a child! Congratulations to him but isn't he like 64 years old right now? Not sure what these people are thinking because the last thing I want in my senior years is to have another baby running amok around the house. I don't even want the older kids around let alone any new ones. Usually by the time one reaches the age of Mr. Morrison - peace and quiet is about all he or she can stand. Then again - the kid will probably have a team of nannies covering 24/7 so it's not as big a deal to Van as it would be to the average Schmoe out there. The one who will feel the most effect will be the kid himself who'll no doubt grow tired of being asked why his Grandfather is always around. To each his own I guess. Have a great day folks! Oh, and for those of you out there wondering if I'd mention something about Father and son both being in diapers at the same time...

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