Monday, December 28, 2009

You got to be kidding me?

Well, the last sign of the apocalypse has finally been revealed and it comes in the form of...  the snuggie for dogs. I hope all you people are happy now. Your collective need to keep all living creature extra warm will most assuredly result in God's ultimate wrath now! You see, he's up there in heaven right now wondering what's wrong with fur - his original design? His conclusion will be that humans are trying to question his judgment and that's when it will all start... fire and brimstone from the sky!

I'm wondering where will it end, and who comes up with all this nonsense anyway? You don't see we of the animal kingdom coming up with useless products that pretend to help you humans out. How would you like a product called, "skinny" a natural skin like material developed to keep you humans extra comfortable on cold days. It's breathable and wicks moisture away! Buy now for $19.95 and receive a second skinny absolutely free!

I saw the big moron owner walking around wearing a snuggie on Christmas morning. Absolutely ridiculous - he looked like the love child of Friar Tuck and a smurf! Having seen that, there's just no way your going to ever get me into one of those blue rags. They'd have better luck putting one on the little abomination puppy. With his IQ - I'm sure he'd have a grand time with it. OK, now that I've thoroughly disgusted myself.  I guess I'm off to get some antacids and then lie down for awhile. Good day to you all!


  1. I believe they stock it all fine Woolworth and Woolcos. Good luck and let me know how you like the product!

  2. I, too, believe the Snuggie for dogs heralds the coming of the four horsemen. What does a dog need with a blanket with sleeves? And besides, the dog Snuggie isn't even like a miniaturized version of the Snuggie. It just looks like any other piece of dog clothing... except uglier.

    It's about time you put that beautiful picture of your furry mug up on the banner for the site! I may just have to set it as my wallpaper. ;)

  3. Heather, I'm glad someone is in agreement with me!

    Thanks for the kind words - It would be an honor to be used as someone's wallpaper. I'm used to being treated like cage liner around here.

  4. Reforming - it may be... I'll have to give it a go.