Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello Again.

Sorry for my long absence - I've been attending to pet based real estate. There are an alarming amount of displaced family pets due to the recession so I've been helping these poor souls find and sell their homes. I guess their human owners are no longer in a position to take care of them so pets are being released to find homes elsewhere.
Needless to say pet unemployment is now staggering as all these displaced dogs and cats look for new employment. No bailout for us - sorry. I only wish the big moron would release me from the personal service contract I must have signed when I was a pup. Wait... do I have a contract? Hum... I'll have to check into that.

Anyway, I still dislike the big buffoon and his little abomination of a Shih Tzu.


  1. It just breaks my heart. I can't imagine not taking my dog with me wherever I ended up. Don't these people have friends or family that can take them in? I just don't get it.

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