Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Own March Madness...

So it is spring here in Burbank, CA and true to form - it's been raining almost nonstop for the past week! This has resulted in a MAJOR increase in my doofus owner exposure and hope that stupidity is not contagious. Needless to say I'm completely disgusted with the situation. If not for my extreme dislike for all things water - I would be spending all my days and nights outside in my dog hole.

So while inside, I've been subjected to all the damn infernal talk of basketball, brackets, and upsets. The lazy lump of an owner has once again become one with his sofa and spends just about all of his time flipping from one channel to another - touching the remote with greasy chip fingers while surrounded by empty cheap beer can minions.

And wouldn't you just know that that little abomination of a Shih Tzu would be right there with him wearing his stupid little shirt that says, "Property of the Blue Devils" That little twit keeps chanting "Marsh Madness, Marsh Madness, Marsh Madness" all damn day long. I got so tired that I picked him up by his little blue shirt and dropped him in the toilet. You would think he would get the hint, but no, he thought it was great - giggling and screaming, "give me a schwirly, give me a schwirly, give me a schwirly!" What a damn fool!

All I can say is that somebody better turn off the rain soon so I can get the hell out other wise my March Madness will become permanent. I'm thinking that I'll go eat the remote so the fool owner has something to be upset about as well. I don't care - it probably tastes like potato chips anyway. OK, I'm off for a snack. Try to have a great day folks!

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