Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tough to be a dog...

I don't get it - I was outside most of the day! What? Did they forget about me? Don't get me wrong, I like to be outside but dogs are sociable creatures and I know there were people at home today! The little one was still sick and the owner's wife was at home today as well. The only attention I received this morning was when the big guy popped out to yell at me for not chasing the birds away from the back porch. Come on - sure they are little annoyances but all they were trying to do was build a small home. Besides, having them around attracts the areas cats to come around and if they decide to try and enter my yard ... Whoa Nellie!!!! We're having cat for dinner! Anyway, they nerve of these people keeping me outside most of the day! I'm thinking about going on strike. Still haven't heard back from the old guy down the street. I dropped a resume off the other day. Hopefully he is looking for new security . I'm pretty confident that he wound't make me stay outside all day.

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