Thursday, April 9, 2009

From the jaws of defeat....

Almost had a disappointing start to my day but thankfully it all ended in sweet victory. What happened? I'll tell you.  Every morning I start my day in the usual way - walk into the owner's bedroom to help wake the sloth and also inform him that I must go out. Once I'm out, I do my business, patrol the grounds for infiltrators, and then endure the hour long wait for the delivery of household kids to destinations unknown.  All I do know is that it must be a place where they require combed hair and backpacks stuffed with heavy things. Anyway, when the Owner returns from this delivery, he cleans the breakfast table and ... here is the good part - puts the remaining scraps of morning glory into my bowl!!! I so look forward to coming back into the house every morning to the plethora of leftover breakfast items awaiting my ravenous appetite. Unfortunately, this morning my bowl stood empty! Shocked, I thought the owner had forgotten to clean the table but under further inspection I found that the table was indeed clean! What gives? I thought as I walked around the kitchen checking all the corners of the floor hoping that there might be a paper plate or something with a bit of eggs, bacon, poptart or toast.  Instead, I found nothing! I walked up to the owner and I just stood in front of him. After a few moments he realized what I was up to and brushed me off with, "Sorry, the kids ate everything today." statement. I wondered what he would do if when he went into his beloved, " Starbucks" they gave him the same brush off. "Sorry, everyone drank all the coffee today." He would flip out! Probably threaten to write letters to Starbuck's corporate offices or the State Attorney General. If that did not get the reaction he wanted he might pull out the big guns  -threatening to never step foot in the establishment again and on, and on, and on. Yeah, I know - what a jerk! Try living with the man sometime. You would know all this too if you'd ever seen the little hot head in action with the gas, phone, and cable companies. You really do not want to disappoint the guy - especially when you need to be getting somewhere.  Anyway, not wanting the morning to be a total loss, I hunkered down in front of him, to demand what was owed me. He tried a few times to shoo me away but I kept up my persistence. Eventually, he caved saying, "Alright, alright, alright... let me find you something so you'll leave me alone. He reached into the cupboard and extracted a package of pure unadulterated tastiness  - bacon flavored snausage treats!!!! I was beside myself as I turned round and round in circles. I was distracted for just a split second by the sight of one of my most hated nemesis, " The Floating Tail". My first thought was to attack, but I quickly regained my focus and halted myself to receive my share of the food of the Gods! I decided that the Floating Tail battle would have to wait for another time. This was just too important a snack to give up. Gorging myself, I couldn't help but think how what had started off in disappointment quickly turned into one of my more glorious victories! Ah yes, life is good today. Life is indeed good! Watch out Floating Tail, I'm gunning for you!

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