Monday, May 11, 2009

Recognition for the dogs...

Here we go another Monday and it's back to the old grindstone. I had a wonderful Sunday lounging around the house all by myself while the self absorbed cretins ran amuck celebrating Mothers Day. Of course nobody thought it proper to take the dog along for lunch or for any of their other celebratory plans. I guess they were afraid I might have a good time for once in my life. Yup, once again the hardest worker in the family spends her day unappreciated and unrecognized. Let's see, off the top of my head I can list a few special days set aside for for just about everything except dogs; mothers, fathers, birthdays, religious occasions, presidents, war victories, fallen heroes, workers, explorers, love, secretaries, and even lousy trees. Lost on that list is one stinking day for man's best friend!
So, we get the designation as man's best friend, but none of the glory and recognition - correct? We just can't find one measly day to set aside - a National Dog Day - where owners can show thanks for their dogs by taking them to a concert, restaurant, or at the very least, a movie? You know, places where we dogs are usually banned - along with shirtless or shoeless humans. As it stands, the only way I'm seeing the insides of any of those places is when the Holy Ghost comes down and turns me into a seeing eye dog  and there's fat chance of that happening anytime soon! I say we either need to start changing the rules around here or my goofball owner needs to think of something creative to get me access because I'm dying to know what these places are about! Besides, why should cats be the only animals that are allowed to be killed by curiosity.

Maybe the owner could get one of those leather dog carriers - the kind the neighbor down the street transports his two Dachshunds around in. Why couldn't my nimrod owner think of this? I'm sure somebody out there makes a leather carrying case to house a svelte 95lb dog. I'm not so heavy that he couldn't lift me anymore and I'll guarantee that I'd be quieter inside my case than those two yappy little wiener dogs. They're always going off about something or another with their annoying little German accents; "Look Hans - it's annozer hund der behind dem fence.", "Was ist los hund?", "Gretta, I don't zink zat hund  sprechens sie englisch" and on, and on, and on they go. Anyway, it would be nice to be able to check out what's going on inside those places for once.  
Well, I better go, I've heard about four or five peddlers at the front door leaving their annoying advertisements. I better go and post up before Mr. Compulsive Shopper starts having them over to quote carpet cleaning, house painting, or bug services and I get stuck inside a bedroom. Have a good day folks! Oh, and don't forget to give my National Dog Day some consideration.           


  1. Haley, you deserve a month of your own! How about June? I have some connections here on the east coast. How about this - come to NYC and you can wave a delicate paw as we ride you down the canyon of heroes on a parade float. Mayor Bloomberg will give you a key to Loebels Meat Market (finest in the city) and Derek Jeter will take you on a walk around Yankee Stadium. When you are done with that you can go clubbing at Butter (I heard most of the girls there are dogs).