Monday, June 29, 2009


Congrats goes out to the big doofus who finally secured a job for himself late last Friday. I'm shocked - can't imagine anyone who would hire the guy. I wouldn't hire him to man a lemonade stand let alone any position of importance! The only answer I can come up with is that he really must have buffaloed somebody up this time! Anyway, he starts this week so now I will not have to bear with any of his distractions during the day. Unfortunately his wife and brats will still be here but they are only minor annoyances.

I'm hoping the big goofball's absence will enable my research and book project proving my hypothesis on a revolutionary new green energy source that has not been considered by humans yet. I'll keep you posted. I also plan to write my memoir and maybe a book of canine poetry. Lastly, I'm trying to arrange a canine support group for other like-minded dogs on the street who need help dealing with the idiocy of their owners. I'll keep you posted as things develop. Have a great day!


  1. Congratulations to the head doofus in charge! I have been out of work before and while I am sure that I drove my dog insane, what with breaking up her 10 hour long daily napping marathon and all, I think she ultimately missed me once I got gone. Good luck as a solo act Haley. That iced out collar awaits you. . . that is if he makes good on the promise.

  2. I think Snuggles might want to join your group... hey, wait...

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  4. DG - I don't anticipate missing the big goon but we'll see. He is only working about five minutes away so he will probably be coming home to annoy me at lunch times.
    I'm not holding my breath about getting that collar either. I tried to show it to him the other day as we were walking by the pet shop but the village idiot thought I was barking at the pets in the window.

    Heather - Snuggles is more than welcome to join or start her own Oklahoma City Chapter - we will eventually be a national organization.

  5. that support group should have instant electronic communications capability. we shall call it 'howler'.