Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'd like to drive...

The teenager of the house is close to getting his license so I'm wondering what's in all this for me. I mean, I'm the loyal dog here - shouldn't I be getting more opportunities to score car rides with another person in the household driving? I guess we'll have to see but I'm looking into things just to cover my bases. I went to the DMV website to investigate what it takes to get a driver's license here in California. So far I haven't seen anything to suggest that dogs are not allowed to drive so that is encouraging.  

I did try to call someone to ask questions but they couldn't understand me and threatened me with harassment of a government offical. Oh well - let them come and get the goofball owner - see how much I care. I would love thought to score a license for myself so I could get the freedom of hitting the open road. It would be great - I'd drive everywhere with my head out the window - enjoying the whip of the wind as it brushed the fur away from my face. I could also howl excitedly while scoring bunches of points taking out all the feral cats running about the streets of Burbank. Maybe they'd even give me a medal or something? My God, that would be beautiful! Well, at the very least I'll still have the teenager if my license doesn't work out. Maybe he will let me be the navigator? Have a great day folks!


  1. One thing is for sure, if you drive with the teenager, your drive-thru junk food opportunities will mulitiply exponentially. Those Carls Jr's burgers that the girls in the bikinis are always eating sure look good. 'Cept you'll eat 'em an keep 'em down.

  2. How old are you? (In dog years, obviously!) You could be classified as the "over 21 responsible adult" in the car to supervise the teenager. That way you could enjoy wild rides without another responsible adult screaming at the teenager to slow down! It could be pretty exciting!

  3. DG - yes those Carls Jr burgers are quite delicious and I would indeed keep them down! The fast food option was not one I had considered - thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Larew - 10 year old (70 in dog years) - I would not scream at the teenager - maybe bark at the cats on the street but no screaming. :)

  4. dont you already have a dog license? doesnt that count for everything?