Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ahhhh... Chooo....

That's all I've been hearing the past few days from the big moron owner. My God, he finally gets a job after months of loafing around the house and then he goes and gets a cold. What a sissy! Works all day, comes home and  practically falls through the door onto the floor exhausted. I'm tired he says - like he was really working hard at his new office - training is probably a piece of cake. I can't imagine them putting him through the ringer on the first weak. Regardless, the mans a big wimp and I want nothing to do with him. At this point, I'll refuse to go for a walk if he asks. Who knows - he might have some kind of weird swine/canine flu? I can't risk getting something from him. Have a good day - I'm disgusted!


  1. Bless you! We got the swine flu two cubicles down at my office. Proceed with caution.

  2. That's right... refuse to go for a walk with him. It would be so embarrassing to be seen walking around town with someone with a drippy nose. BTW... why is it that for dogs a wet nose is a good sign, but for humans it means there's something seriously wrong?

    CatLadyLarew & Hickory the Wonder Dog

  3. DG - thanks - I always proceed with caution when dealing with the village idiot. You never know if he might forget you somewhere.

    CatLady -You are full of very good questions. I've never questioned my moist nose - just appreciated it for all the wonderful smells it delivers to my brains. Snotty-nosed people on the other hand are never a welcomed sight.