Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Wow, now that the goofball is back working again - I can't believe how relaxing it is around here! It's refreshing to not have to hear all his whining about high food prices or call outs to the heavens questioning, "why me oh Lord?" - Pathetic! Anyway, I'm so excited about all this that I actually skipped the early afternoon patrol to take a decent nap today. I tell you - this sure is the life! Now I just have to pray that the village idiot doesn't do something stupid to screw this up. The last thing I need is another couple of months of his idiocy around here. As for me - I'm going to continue writing my thoughts and continue to enjoy my extended afternoon naps  - which is my right. Enjoy the day folks!


  1. It is truly a dogs life. Some days being a human just stinks. I want a nap!!

  2. Go on and nap. Then you and Brownie can compare notes. I must warn you though, she's a champion napper, a naplete, if you will. She can stretch out her muttly goodness and saw wood for 8 or nine hours at a time. The nap is paused only to stretch, groan and adjust position. Do you think you can nap at this kind of olympian level?

  3. Jamie - so true - sorry.

    DG - when I'm at my best - most people think I'm dead!