Monday, August 31, 2009

I've been thinking...

So how many of you out there are doing what you wanted or dreamed of doing? I never thought that security was the best option for me but being that I'm a dog- my options were limited. I've stated before that I would love to be a travel writer - crossing the globe, trying new foods and meeting new people. Unfortunately - that dream doesn't appear very likely since I'm pushing eleven and life is kind of winding down. I guess I shouldn't complain - it could have been worse. I could have been an anal thermometer cleaner - no offense to you anal thermometer cleaners out there. I know the big doofus isn't exactly where he wanted to be at this time in his life. Not sure what he wanted but he does have the physique of an Elvis impersonator.  Have a great night folks!


  1. Haley,

    You are a rock star at your job. There are tons of squirrels that need to be taught who's boss. Keep on keepin on, girl!

  2. always wanted to be a professional food taster for someone (anyone actually)

  3. We, the dogs, are furry happy to be where we are...well, maybe living next to a butcher shop would be a little betters☺

    As for our momma, she would like a "do over" please!

  4. Technically, I'm where I thought I wanted to be in my professional life and, as a result, my personal life is out of whack. Oh, and working sucks!
    I love the work I do, but I'd rather do no work at all!