Thursday, September 10, 2009

I want healthcare too...

I'm complaining  tonight because my idiot employer does not supply healthcare for me. Additionally, I'm not paid well enough to get the care on my own. I get paid in food, room and board and am dreadfully afraid to ever get sick. Unlike you humans, we pets get gassed when our ailments are more serious than just a regular office visit. Needless to say, I've been experiencing great stress over this.

Even when I get a chance to go to the vet - I don't ever get the chance to choose my doctor - I'm taken to whoever is closest or open. At this point in my life, I wouldn't mind a bureaucrat making some decisions around here because my owner is a complete moron! Maybe if he had purchased pet insurance for me back when I was younger I wouldn't have to hear now about how expensive it can be. Of course it is expensive when your older  thats when most people start to get sick. The key is to get your policy when you are young. If there is reform - I want in! Ok, have a good night folks!


  1. At your age you should be given doggy medicare.

    PS. Is it me or does the doc in that picture look like Burt Reynolds circa 1976?

  2. DG - Doggy medicare works for me. I was thinking that the vet looks either like Burt Reynolds or Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.

  3. Pet insurance when you are young = great idea. Maybe it is Burt Reynolds....

  4. "PS. Is it me or does the doc in that picture look like Burt Reynolds circa 1976?"

    Oh...doc! I thought it said dog at first and was more than a little puzzled by the Burt Reynolds reference, since the dog is the spittin' image of Matt Damon.

  5. Now that the Obamas have a dog maybe the government will go for it. And we should all write to our congressmen immediately and demand doggy medicare. I see your point, Haley. Great idea.