Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's talk about Immortality...

Relax, this is not a discussion of how people achieve immortality from the biblical sense - I'm talking about how we are remembered here on earth after we are gone. I caught the big idiot owner looking at some of the old photos of his grandfather - who passed on some 25 years ago. The photos were from when he was in his twenties - back in the 1920's. This got me wondering - this man lived  a pretty long life but what is around today that proves he was here? A few children, grandchildren, some old pictures, and a gravestone - not much for eighty-some years of life. The bulk of his possessions were scattered to the world after his passing - some to relatives and friends - some to the landfill. If you asked around the town - where he spent his eighty some years - if anyone remembered him you might find and old timer or two who might. Otherwise his entire existence is just about lost to the world. Another twenty years should just about do it.

Some people care about these things - others not so much, and still others have never even thought about it for one reason or another. Since I am close to eleven or 77 in dog years - I'm just beginning to wonder about how the world  will remember me? First of all, I have no offspring because the doofus and family decided to give me the Bob Barker treatment so my family lineage stops here. Thankfully there are a few pictures of me out there but I don't think they will have quite the longevity of the old grandfather's pictures. Let's face it  - why would my idiot's grandchildren care about a dog that died twenty years before they were born? No, I'm resigned to the fate of slipping into oblivion - where the world will never even know that I existed. The one wild card is this blog and how long it may last out there in cyberspace. The internet is still too new to tell but I guess it may be catalogued somewhere out there and stumbled upon now and again but I won't be around to find out. 

I guess I could take my remaining days and try to do something great to put myself in the history books? But then again I don't really have the desire  - too much work. I guess I'll just spend the rest of my days rolling in the sun enjoying myself. Remember what Ferris said, "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." So enjoy this while you can and to hell with being remembered! Viva oblivion!


  1. being remembered is ok as long as its not for something creepy like having your picture taken with a cat while you were at the vets office under the influence of a narcotic drug. not that thats ever happened to me

  2. Try to roll in as many dead things as possible while you are still alive. It seems to keep my dog pretty youthful and downright stanky. Nobody forgets that smell!

  3. Nooter - what happens at the vet...

    DG - We call it perfume in the dog world!