Monday, September 21, 2009

Rewind the tape...

Once again we all meet at our favorite day of the week. We sit dejected at out desks/posts - the weekend's supply of alcohol slowly worked out of our systems. We now trudge forward painfully into the blackness of another damn workweek. I'm sure everybody out there has been annoyed by at least one or two of their idiot coworkers by this time of the day . You know the people of which I speak- the ones who live for work because that's all they have in their pathetic little existences. They move about - every ounce of their being devoted to how far up the boss's bum they can squeeze their overly inflated heads. They are the absolute worst sort - company people. They are the ones who question why you took the extra pen or pad because you just got some the other day. They're also the same people who informed the boss of that schedule conflict thus preventing you from taking that dream vacation you had planned. Lastly, they are the ones who bring the worst smelling lunch - stinking the joint up - talking with their mouths full - spitting their foul concoctions into your face giving non-stop direction for the eight hours you are there. I tell you - I really need to start my own business! Have a good day.

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  1. Yeah, it was a craptastic Monday filled with sycophants, suck ups, brown nosers and whiners. I feel your pain because I live it. Tuesday will be better.