Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Off the grid...

I may not be posting much from now until the middle of next week because the big doofus owner is planing on taking the computer with him to work for the next few days. That said, I'll be having limited access from here on. I may be able to squeeze in a post or two late at night while he is having his moronic beauty sleep but poor sap would be needing something on the lines of Rip Van Winkle just to get borderline normal looking. Anyway, do check now and again.

 I did have a good day on patrol - no interlopers lately since all that damn fruit is off the trees out back. It sure is a relief not having to bark like an idiot  all day in order to scare off the squirrels and those fascist green parrots. Now I can have a vacation. Have a great day folks!


  1. Haley,

    He's jacking your computer? That's too bad. I guess you'll have to resort to long naps. Enjoy the rest!

  2. "Fascist green parrots"


  3. Snaggle that computer back, I say!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. Bite him in the leg... hard! Draw blood. That way he and his computer will be laid up at home for awhile.

  5. I left you an award on my blog. Here is the legal fineprint - Receipt of the Honest Scrap award does not require you to participate fully. Some of you just prefer to take the badge and stick it on your blog and that's OK. Your good enough, smart enough and doggonit, people like you. The Honest Scrap award had the following side effects in clinical trials with rats - hives, weight gain, mood swings,random trunk movements, four hour erections and the desire to watch Desperate Housewives and cry. If you are the product of lab rat lovin, you should not accept the Honest Scrap award. Results may vary. Void where prohibited by law.

  6. i never thought when i began this whole blog thing that i would ever be sending messages to a dog.

  7. Thank you all for all the wonderful suggestions! You guys are great friends and allies!
    DG - thanks for the award - I am humbled.
    Speaking - thanks for the message - I'm better than most humans so don't waste your time with those types!