Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome back doofus...

Well, the idiot owner is back from his trip back east and thank God I have access to the computer once again. Back in black is listed above for two reasons  - first because it represents the color of my mood now that my personal village idiot owner has returned and secondly Mr IQ of six  has seen fit to come back from his trip (probably an awards ceremony celebrating America's dumbest people) packing on an extra ten pounds from eating all the greasy foods he grew up on. Now he's taken to wearing black clothes to make himself look thinner until he loses the weight. I tell you - he's completely ridiculous because if he just put half the amount of effort into losing weight as he does concealing himself up he'd probably have Sally Struthers campaigning late nights on his behalf.

Ok, have a great day folks!


  1. if you eat black food does that mean you wont gain as much weight?

  2. Nooter - probably not but it may make some interesting looking teeth.

  3. I used to think Sally was sort of cute. Now that I've seen that photo of her with the gun, she just seems scary.