Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween - one night of freedom!

We of the animal kingdom absolutely love your little Halloween tradition of dress up! Why? It's the one night of the year that we are able to get out and walk amongst you guys without the fear of leashes, hunters, or entrapment. We've been doing this for years - all under the radar. We need to thank you guys because you're the ones who gave us the idea with that E.T movie. 

Remember that Frankenstein Monster that had that strange walk last year? That was actually the Kline's family pet cat Melvin  - I kid you not! Also, that smallish Evil Knievel that was riding up and down the block on the tricycle that you thought was the Webber kid. That was really Choo-Choo the Marnelli's pet cockatoo. Oh, and I must not forget to mention that the fat kid who came to your door dressed like Obama was really Cubby the brown bear from the local woods. Poor little guy is an absolute freak for Bit-O-Honey candy bars. So much that he's now taken to playing dress up at other times of the year. One time he ventured out during hunting season dressed as Dick Cheney's pal. We all know how that one ended. 

Anyway, we use trick or treat night as our one night to get out and really cut loose. Now that you know, don't be surprised then when you discover that the horse you thought was Ben and Eric from the office, turns out to be just Biscuit the Appaloosa from Lazy J Ranch crashing your party. As for me - I'm dressing up this year as Maria Shriver - driving a car and talking on a cell phone. I figure nobody will notice. Have a great day folks!


  1. Ha! I knew it was my neighbor's dog, "George" dressed up as my neighbor last year. At least I HOPE it was. He was peeing on the lawn...

  2. If I had a dog I would dress him up as Joe Paterno.

  3. Offended - did he lift his one leg when he did it?

    DG - thanks- same to you!

    Chris - It would have to be a dog with bad eyesight!

  4. You is so funny! If you dress as Maria do you think that Arnold will take you out to dinner☺

  5. Scout 'n Freyja - I don't think Arnold would know the difference. :)

  6. That picture with the pumpkins is hysterical!