Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Punish the Child, Teacher, or the Parent?

Saw an article today about a school Administrator who will most likely be fired for taping a child's mouth shut and bounding the child's hands in the name of discipline. The article didn't state why such extreme measures were taken but one can only imagine that either the Administrator was a complete nut job or the child was the spawn of Satan. 

We in the animal kingdom are all for discipline - but we dispense justice with the proper measure. I lost track of the amount of times I received a strong nip to the ear  for acting up while growing up. I can also also say that the times were a plenty where I was corralled by the scruff of my neck in order to correct my behavior. But I can safely say that I was never mauled by the older animals for just small infractions. Before you resort to the extreme measure of taping a kids mouth shut, let us animals have a crack at them so as to show you the way to take care of business.

 I propose that schools keep a discipline room off to the side filled with all manner of wild predatory animals. Then if a child starts to act up -bring them in and let us take care of the situation. I guarantee those little bastards will be on the straight and narrow within a few seconds of seeing their first large wolf, cougar, or bengal tiger a few feet away from them without any bars for protection. Before you know it, word will spread like wildfire throughout the land about who holds sway in the schools and then all the little ones will be transformed into complete angels. Sure, there is the possibility that one of the animals may forget themselves and we'll lose one or two kids but soon afterwards we won't even need to bother talking about punishment any longer because the kids would be completely paralyzed by fear. 

Traumatizing - yes - but at least the other 20-30 kids in the classroom will no longer suffer at the hands of one or two unruly kids. I know what you are thinking - why should the kids suffer for the parent's failure? Because nobody said life was going to be fair - that's why! Besides, before long - worried parents would start teaching their children the proper way to behave in public. Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the way to handle this is to give the child the power to decide whether they or their parents would enter the den of discipline. I bet you would see plenty of parents making sure they raised well behaved kids then as well.

Anyway, let me know if any of you want me to come over and take over the daily operations of your school. I do have plenty of time. This, of course was all just my opinion. Remember that I'm a dog so my views are not exactly in line with your average human. Ok, have a great day folks!


  1. While we're at it, can we stop the practice of spanking dogs with stuff like newspapers and magazines? Not nice, people. Amiright, Haley?

  2. Heather - I'm with you all the way!!!!