Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday question of the week... #7

What is your favorite recession meal?


  1. I've found that putting canned dog food into Tupperware containers (and mixing it up so it doesn't have all of those little can-tracks on it), then pulling it out of the refrigerator the next day and pretending like it's an exotic dish that was prepared especially for me by Martha Stewart, makes it almost palatable.

    My favorite is Beef and Gravy, though they're all quite tasty when enough imagination is applied.

  2. Chili. Can't go wrong with it. Can feed an army with it. And, oh yeah, it's frikkin tasty!

  3. Carl - sounds like a meal for a king!

    DG - chili gets a lot of mileage around here as well. Good call!

    dog training - Thanks!

  4. Anything somebody else pays for. And that's no joke.